Seagrass Squares

Our original natural floor covering. Inexpensive, attractive and hard wearing.

Our business began in 1968 when we started importing simple hand-woven seagrass mattings from Asia. Tastes have changed, as has our name. We were previously The Seagrass Trading Company.

We no longer carry 20 different types of seagrass matting like we did in the 70s, but for fifty years heavy-duty seagrass squares have been consistently popular as an inexpensive flooring solution that you can even install yourself.

Each seagrass square measures approximately one-foot x one foot (30cm x 30cm).  They are sewn together in rows of 9 squares (2.7m) long with each row sewn side-by-side with the next row.

(For example, 6 rows of seagrass will be 6 feet x 9 feet, or 1.8 x 2.7 m)

Seagrass squares can be loose laid on your floor and centred like a rug.  If you want an exact fit, you can cut between the squares using a sharp blade (eg. Boxcutter).  To cut into the middle of a square, a pair of garden secateurs or heavy duty scissors will be fine.

If you bring in a simple floor plan or call us with the dimensions of the area, we can help you work out how many rows of seagrass you need, and we can freight your seagrass anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Seagrass squares are also available by the bale.

Each “bale” of seagrass squares is 36 rows, which is one piece 36 feet x 9 feet (10.8m x 2.7m).