Entrance Mats

If you don’t catch the dirt at the entrance, it will come into the house with you, scratching your expensive timber floors and potentially damaging your beautiful carpets.

Large doormats are common in Europe and North America.  They are also essential in Australia but for some reason the standard Australian doormat looks like a handkerchief and is about as useful!

We always recommend large entrance mats, no matter what your floor surface is.  It is simple mathematics… more footsteps on a doormat = less dirt in your home.

We only sell the highest quality large doormats and entrance-well matting.  Consider it cheap insurance for your expensive floorcoverings.

Brush Coir Entrance Matting

Robust Brush Coir Entrance Matting with a PVC backing (pictured above) can be cut to any shape and size. It comes in rolls two metres wide and approximately 17 millimetres thick with colours appropriate to many decor schemes.